A Blog By Me


I’ve decided to start writing a blog type thing, I did have a Blogger site a while back – am I aloud to say that here? – but that now appears to be defunct and I don’t even know where it’s gone, really, so here I am, blogging like it’s 2006 all over again.

I don’t know if anybody will read much of the stuff I post here but I don’t really get much chance to write for fun considering most of my time from now and the next three years will consist of studying and writing essays- English Literature and Language GCSEs and English Literature A-Level after that. If you so kindly decide to follow what I post which, I warn you, may be extremely sporadic, you’ll probably be greeted by music rants and raves, film reviews and thoughts, and perhaps the occasional hint of men’s fashion, though I’m not making any promises.

A little about me. 

If anyone’s interested, my name, as the blog description says, is Sam which is short, of course, for Samuel. I make music and my band is called The Illustrations. I’m 15 at the moment and I’m off to College next year, to study History, Government and Politics, English Literature and Drama. Job-wise, I wanna do something I’m passionate about, so I guess that would be acting or music or – who knows? – both.

A word on the title. 

I’ve decided to call the blog URL Radios in Motion, which also happens to be my Tumblr URL, after the XTC song from their first album White Music.

So, yeah

See you around.


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